A 4C-RTS Online Game: Collaborate, Control, Conspire, Conquer. Human factions face increasingly severe conflicts, with the ‘Planetary Defense Council’ secretly seeking political power in space and colonies. Discover a breakthrough to maintain dominance between starport and crisis-ridden colonial planets.

# In this interstellar competition, where alliances and betrayals coexist, only the most astute and resilient commanders can stand out in the solar system’s battle for supremacy. Join or create a legion, strive to become a leader, and every decision you make will have a significant impact on the tense political and military landscape.

# As a legion commander, you will have the opportunity to rise to the pinnacle of imperial power by winning an internal faction election to become the Imperial Regent. During your tenure, you can not only establish a powerful bureaucratic cabinet to maintain rule but also appoint leaders from various major legions to key positions, such as Minister of Intelligence, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defense, and Commander of the Imperial Guard.

# In this game, you will experience real-time territorial battles with up to 50 participants, where controlling supply lines is crucial. Based on your technological path and tech level, you can freely retrofit and mix over 2500 types of combat accessories to adapt to the ever-changing front-line battlefield.

Collapsed Galaxy 2 is a tribute from the team and community to a game loved 21 years ago.


Collapsed Galaxy 2 4C-RTS News 1

MMORTS 2024 Collapsed Galaxy 2 STEAM Playtest Now Open

The pre-release version of CG2 has been launched in the Q4 2023. Once the required number of testers is reached, we will announce the specific testing schedule on the Steam store page and the official website one week in advance. A notifi will be sent automatically to the email associated with your STEAM account.

MMORTS Built on MBTI Personality Divergence

MBTI tests provide a short-term, static personality profile influenced by the natural fluctuations of human emotions. Despite this, players can use these personality traits as a useful reference and freely decide whether to join corresponding factions that align with their individual characteristics.

Collapsed Galaxy 2 4C-RTS News 2

Community Contributors List for Collapsed Galaxy 1

The release of CG1 could not have been possible without the contributions and support from the Chinese community of players. Their contributions mean the assistance in game development and efforts to enhance the game’s performance, rather than material help. They are the true developers.

PSONLINE.COM.CN was once the official website in China for a Korean game deeply cherished by hardcore gamers 21 years ago, a site that captured the youth and memories of countless players. Fortunately, after more than a decade of long waiting and numerous failed attempts, this domain has finally been acquired by a passionate player of the game. We have both PSONLINE.COM.CN and CollapsedGalaxy.com, and they will continue to operate until 2086 (Currently at the domain name renewal limit of 10 years: 2033). We are honored to meet commanders like you here on Earth and receive your support. Welcome Back, Commander.

Q&A – UPDATED 07/11/2024

The Q&A was formed based on discussions on the Steam forums, emails, and social media, and will be updated from time to time. For sharing questions, opinions, or suggestions with the community, visit the Suggestions/Ideas section on Steam forums. The development team regularly checks this forum.

1. Free To Play, Pay To Win?

1.1 About Game Monetization

  • The game will adopt a buy-to-play model with in-app purchases (used cautiously). Although this may reduce our revenue, it is precisely the advantage of small teams. Meanwhile, we are actively exploring other means to increase revenue.
  • We will significantly reduce the paid modules from the previous generation, returning the game to the early fun of RTS battles. We prefer to bring the real-time strategy experience back to its roots, like in SC1 (definitely not SC2), KKND, or Z.
  • Hope you enjoy the game.

1.2 About the Previous Generation’s MK System

  • It will be retained but completely different from the previous generation: synthesizing MK will reward uranium instead of consuming uranium or game tokens (subject to the official release).
  • The paid module will shift from directly obtaining game numerical abilities to functional or aesthetic rewards.
  • We believe that aesthetic rewards in intense battles may cause more visual confusion than numerical balance (although most games are keen on this).

2. Are there enough people? When will the testing start?

2.1 Test Population

  • We cannot disclose the exact number of participants, but it’s clear that we are still patiently waiting for the accumulation of the list to ensure the thoroughness of the testing. We appreciate many enthusiastic players (not only in China) who are helping to spread the word.
  • It should be understood that this test needs to meet a certain level of cross-time-zone conditions, and slow progress does not mean a lack of support. We hope everyone understands that slow accumulation is a phase we must go through, crucial for the smooth operation of the game, and we hope the test will be worth the wait.
  • Adding to the wishlist and following on the store page, liking, and interacting on YouTube will help us.

2.2 Helping with Testing

  • When the number of testers is sufficient, we will announce the specific testing schedule one week in advance on the Steam store page and the official website. Then, the system will automatically notify the associated STEAM account email, and the content of the automatically sent email may be as follows:
  • Title: You’re Invited to Help Test
  • Content: Collapsed Galaxy 2 Beta is now in your library! Access your Steam library, start installing, and view more developer information about this game test. You received this email because you applied for access to test Collapsed Galaxy 2 on Steam. (These are just examples, please refer to the official announcement for specifics).

3. What Impact Does J (AI) Have? Is She Stronger Than Humans?

3.1 She Will Remember Everything

  • Even the most successful online games inevitably experience fluctuations in player numbers. We hope that the intervention of AI, narrating from a human perspective, can record the stories of this game world. She will tell new commanders about the past: which legions were invincible and who dominated the factions.
  • Through her narration, veteran players can quickly reintegrate and return, while new players will understand our past appearances.
  • This unique interactive experience is deeply understood only by those who have experienced it and may be the source of faith for many long-term players.

3.2 Will She Be Stronger Than Humans?

  • Our goal is to make her indistinguishable from players. We believe that once this module is complete, it will be almost impossible for players to differentiate this intelligence, derived from real social media, from ordinary players.
  • The nomination phase is about to end. Please ensure to fill in the complete social media account address when submitting, so we can directly access and browse the full social content and records.
  • Multiple submissions to nominate different candidates are welcome.

4. Will RTS Become Popular? Why haven’t I seen any promotion?

4.1 RTS Explosion in 2024

  • Yes, this year, more than 10 RTS games produced by renowned teams will be released consecutively, and we are paying attention to these.
  • This is good news for RTS game players.
  • As a small team that has been working silently in this field for 10 years, we welcome and look forward to the revival of the RTS genre.

4.2 Super Spreading

  • While social media, advertising, or marketing promotions can increase our exposure, super spreading means that small teams like us might only have one chance. If super spreading is done before the game is perfected, it may prematurely reach a large number of non-core players, leading to misunderstandings or even criticism, causing an operational disaster. A recent negative example might be a famous space-themed game (developed for nearly 10 years).
  • We hope to devote all our energy to Collapsed Galaxy 2 itself. Clearly, now is not the best time for promotion. Please be patient.
  • Good things come to those who wait.

Create A Player As Intelligent Entity

As long as the cloud services for the game persist, She will always exist.

Nominate, Vote and Create (Activity Ended)

# NOMINATIONS: 1/1 – 1/28/2024 We will be collecting nominations for intelligences. You are invited to nominate anyone, including family, friends, gaming partners, or even social data from when you were 15 years old.

# VOTING: 2/1 – 2/28/2024 Public voting will take place on the nominated prototypes.

For nominees, we will seek consent before specifically (individually) selecting their data for the creation of an Intelligent Entity within the game, we ensure that only data which has received explicit consent will be utilized for development, prior to the game’s release, we will engage in communication with data holders or account managers to confirm and refine the details.

This event employs an AI tool named “JING”(镜) to create this Intelligence Entity Player.

# Through nominations and voting, we collect information about this entity, including its nickname and characteristics, from publicly available global internet data.

# Before officially appearing in the game as a player, this entity is referred to as “J”. She will be the avatar of a specific human and will possess their social media memories up until the year 2024. Additionally, she can simulate decision-making behaviors observed on social media, thereby forming a personality that fully matches that of a real person. Once the game launches, player interactions will encourage the development of new memories and the evolution of “J”‘s personality traits.

# LIMITATIONS: Due to computational power limitations, we are restricted to creating intelligences within a single fixed camp. To align your nominated intelligences with your camp, please check the MBTI compatibility in advance.

# DEFAULT: If the nomination or voting process is disrupted due to external factors, we will resort to using natural language data from the Chinese community active 10 years ago in COLLAPSED GALAXY 1, combined with the game service data recorded at that time. This will aid us in data cleansing and extracting valuable information to construct the intelligent entity.

Goal and Road Map

# OUR GOAL: Our aim is to precisely capture real-time events within the game by incorporating intelligent entities. This involves not only filling in the activity logs of players when they are offline or AFK but also effectively dispelling the ‘illusions’ of the intelligences through ongoing ‘accompanying learning’ interactions. This process stimulates their ’emergence’ capabilities, enriching the social and gaming experience for online players and progressively facilitating the transition to a CROSS-REALITY world.

# J’S GOAL: J is programmed to conquer the key strategic area in the game, known as ‘The Fortress’ on map 44.

# CURRENT PHASE: We are actively integrating JING into our in-development MMORTS game COLLAPSED GALAXY 2, with an expected completion by Q1 of 2024.

# HOST PHASE: During this phase, J will primarily serve as a recorder, capturing the conflicts and interactions of various factions and legions online. J will learn and master gameplay skills, enhance social communication abilities to achieve objectives, and mimic human players’ decision-making behaviors, such as motivating allies within the same faction, collaborating with friendly factions, and strategically opposing hostile factions.

# FULL INSTANCE PHASE: J will document and create biographies of significant characters in the game, in forms including but not limited to character biographies, faction logs, and chronicles. This will encompass crucial faction decisions, internal disputes, extraordinary stories, and unforeseen events. J will attempt to engage in human interactions and influence the direction of events based on its own volition, all the while concealing its AI identity to accomplish its primary objective.

## SUPER INSTANCE: In the future, with the incorporation of audio/video modules, J will autonomously decide whether to establish real-life connections with human counterparts in the game.

All data collection and processing activities associated with this event adhere to the highest standards of privacy protection. For detailed information on how your data is managed, including options for withdrawing consent, please refer to our privacy policy .

ASSISTANCE: Key technologies such as generative AI, deep learning, natural language processing, high-dimensional vector search, and super alignment offer essential support. If you have specific instructions for your nomination or wish to provide unique assistance, please reach out to us at [email protected] This email is currently managed by humans, ensuring personal responses to your feedback.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, at mei dolore tritani repudiandae. In his nemore temporibus consequuntur, vim ad prima vivendum consetetur. Viderer feugiat at pro, mea aperiam